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Strategic Environment Assessment

Department of Trade and Industry
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

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Wed 24th September 08
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During the SEA process, which will continue over several years, a series of documents will pass through this web site as the assessment proceeds.

Once each SEA region is assessed, documents will be placed into library where they may still be accessed by the public.

Note that the Round 2 wind SEA covered several of the regions defined for oil & gas assessment.

1. The numbering of the SEA areas indicates an initial order of consultation for the SEA areas. That order may change, particularly for the later numbers as new information or other factors come into light.

2. The SEA's must consider the whole of the marine environment despite the fact that some areas may not attract much attention from the offshore energy industries. For example, parts of the Western Approaches (SEA 8) are not considered particularly prospective for O&G exploration, but will nonetheless be studied as part of the overall SEA process.

3. The SEA must consider inshore areas, bays and inlets even though they are not currently available for licensing. The areas indicated continue up to the high water mark in order to consider the marine environment as a whole.

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